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Chikki Online
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Chikki Online
Chikki Online
  • August 25, 2023 9:48 AM
  • Sattur, Tamil Nadu 626203, India
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Sattur Mittai Kadai now delivering fresh and delicious Chikki Online across India. We have one of the best Chikki online services in India. Our sweets are delivering all our traditional food with highly delicious taste and it will be made with delicious taste. The delicious chikki is available in the online store to satisfy the immediate need of our customers. We have taste and Quality being carried over generations. so buy sweets online with us and enjoy your daily snacks. Our Chikki products are also made with delicious taste and provided online.

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  • Classic Groundnut Chikki Bites
  • Smashed Peanut Chikki Bites
  • Black Sesame Chikki Bites
  • Groundnut Chikki Balls
  • Roasted Gram Chikki Balls
  • Kamarkat / Kamarkattu
  • Groundnut Chikki Bar
  • Koko Peanut Chikki Bar
  • White Sesame Chikki Bar
  • Black Sesame Chikki Bar


Sattur, Tamil Nadu 626203, India

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