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A diabetic foot ulcer is one of the complications faced by patients who suffer from long-term diabetes. All diabetic patients are at risk of getting foot ulcers if their diabetes is not kept under control. Additional risk factors such as alcohol consumption, tobacco usage, and diabetes, could increase the likelihood of development as well. Diabetic patients are susceptible to lower extremity arterial disease which causes poor blood circulation in the tissues. This results in the tissues breaking down, leaving the foot unprotected and susceptible to ulcers. Untreated ulcers can get infected and lead to conditions that are more severe. There are also certain surgical options to treat foot ulcers which are caused by poor blood circulation. Atherectomy is a surgical procedure that makes the arteries wider by clearing out plaque, cholesterol, and calcium. The surgery might be followed by angioplasty to keep blood vessels open. Treat Pa will help you in finding the best Vascular specialist in Bangalore

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