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An MRI scan is a test procedure that uses a strong magnetic field to generate clear images of internal organs. The test is used to detect a variety of internal issues, abnormalities, tumors, or even heart blockage. It used magnetic and radio waves to get detailed interior images. An MRI scan can be done on any body part to know its health and underlying issues. Still, A full-body MRI scan is generally recommended when your health care provider wants to ensure that all your internal organs, bones, and joints are functioning correctly. Sometimes it is also done to detect significant issues like tumors, cancer, or other abnormalities. At Star Imaging and Path Lab, anybody over 18 is eligible for full-body scanning. Further here, we provide the best tools and some of the most advanced equipment to ensure satisfactory results.


Salient Facts About MRI scan

To know what MRI scan is you need to know some basic facts about it. 

  • MRI scan is a non-invasive process
  • It is completely painless
  • As it is a magnetic resonance process, a patent with metallic implants or having a pacemaker in the body is unsuitable for this test.
  • Pregnant women are also not suitable to undergo this test
  • The magnetic field of an MRI scan is three to four times stronger than the earth’s magnetic field
  • Fractures or tumors which are very small in size and can not be detected through X Ray are needed to be seen through an MRI scan
  • It is ideal for vascular and orthopedic imaging
  • The MRI scan cost in India is generally between 1500 to 25000 depending on the area of the body where it is to be performed, but at Star Imaging & Path Lab, we provide the best rate considering the quality.


Final Words

MRI scan is a very advanced process and has been widely used in medicine all over India. The cost of MRI scan depends on the clinic you select to undergo the test. At Star Imaging and Path Labs, we offer a wide range of advanced forms of MRscansan at a competitive price.


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Tilak Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110018, India

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