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Positron emission tomography or PET is an imaging test to detect early signs of cancer, heart disease and brain disorders. It helps to reveal the metabolic activity of tissues and organs. The scan produces 3D images for accurate diagnosis.


The tracer is injected into a vein and collected into the damaged parts of the body showing high levels of metabolic activity. The PET images are combined with CT and are called PET CT scans.

Why Do Doctors Recommend It?

PET CT scan can be used to detect :

  • Cancerous cells
  • Tumor in breast, cervical, colorectal, esophageal.
  • Coronary artery disease, heart attack or other heart problems.
  • Brain disorders include brain tumors, epilepsy, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

CT Scan Brain :

Computed tomography or CT Scan or CAT Scan is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure where X-rays produce detailed imaging of the head, skull, brain, eye sockets, and sinuses. CT Scan is a painless procedure used by doctors to see the anatomy.

Why Is CT Scan Performed?

CT Scan of the Brain or head is performed to detect these symptoms:

  • Brain infection or tumor
  • Injury to the brain, head, or face
  • If there is any damage to the brain, such as problems related to vision, numbness, hearing loss, or speaking difficulties.


What Is CT Scan Price In Delhi?

The cost of a CT Scan in Delhi depends on many factors. The cost varies from Rs 1000 to Rs 15000 based on some factors like :

  1. Which part of the body is affected.
  2. If the doctor has asked to use the contrast material for scanning.

We at Janta X Ray Tilak Nagar, Delhi provide all kinds of diagnostic tests. Our centers are well-equipped with modern facilities, and our technicians are efficient and experienced in performing the scans. For any enquiries kindly call us for details.


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