Sugar Nil Chewing Powder
  • July 13, 2021 12:53 PM
  • Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Helps to Controls sugar level & Cover all related side effects like Blurred vision, Excess thirst, Pain in Body and Bones, Excess Urination, Nervous weakness etc.

Sugar Nil Chewing powder or Anti Diabetic tablet is an Ayurveda Mixture of raw herbs and Bhasmas, which controls sugar level, Additionalyosths precious gift of Ayurveda. It is a unique herbal combination of 24 herbs and 2 bhasams, It not only lower down the sugar level but also relieves patients from various side effects if sugar i.c Eyes, Liver, Kidney, Bones, Calcium Deficiency, Body Weakness & Excess Urination. The aim of making Sugar Nil tablet is to control diabetes by natural therapy of ayurveda, Sugar Nil Powder mainly contains natural herbs which have not side effects. It helps patient to get relieve from allopathis medicine (Anti-diabetic Drugs) and their side effects.

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