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1 bottle of Water Less Car Wash can be used up to 50 washes



This polymer-based product is eco-friendly and lines up with the company’s motto of protecting the environment and making our world a better place to live harmoniously.

Our product comes in a ready-to-use HDPE spray bottle of 500ml. All you have to do is to spray it, wipe it off and enjoy the sheen! Not a single drop of water is wasted! If you are someone who prefers to be economical, spray a bit on a sponge, apply it on your vehicle in vertical and horizontal direction and wipe it off gently using a microfiber cloth! Your car will shine as good as new. And, what’s more? Our Water Less Car Wash does not even leave tell-tale watermarks or scratches on your favorite vehicle! It enhances the glossy look of your vehicle. Water Less Car Wash also protects and extends the life of the paint and keeps your vehicle as good as new.

The benefits of Water Less Car Wash

*It is harmless to the environment *Helps conserve water *Brings a shine to your vehicle *Protects your vehicle against bird droppings and other pollutants

MRP: Rs 490

1 bottle of Water Less Car Wash can be used up to 50 washes

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  • https://amzn.to/3u09RKi- WATERLESS AMAZON
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Perumbavoor, Kerala, India

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