In order to help you experience safer and have a more fulfilling experience at Loxmy Classifieds we would recommend you to use little common sense and a few simple precautions before making any deals online.

1. Never share your account information & password with anyone. Do not give out personal, credit card or online account details (e.g. social insurance number, bank account number) over the Internet/email. We advise only buying and selling with people you can meet.

2. Never pay in advance to the seller that you do not know. Even if the seller discloses their personal information or bank account number, this does not protect you from being cheated.

3. Never send the goods before payment arrangements have been finalized.

4. When deal seems too good to be true, price is too low; rent is below market, etc then one has to be careful and cautious. Be careful when buying expensive items like mobile phones, laptops, plasma, airline tickets and even tickets for shows/gigs.

5. Loxmy Classifieds does not act as an intermediary and does not make arrangements for any payments or transactions. If you are contacted by someone who claims to be from Loxmy Classifieds and you are asked to transfer money for an item for sale, this will be an illegitimate request and any emails you receive of this type will also be fraudulent.

6. Check the seller’s reputation – always review feedback.

7. Check the product details thoroughly before buying. Always inspect the product before making final purchase. Don’t buy the product unless you have seen it physically.

8. We would advise the sellers to provide correct and detailed information about their respective products and be sure about the buyer’s identity and purpose before closing deal.

9. Last but not the least, BEWARE OF ONLINE FRAUDS!!!

Whether you are buying or selling, there is no reason to compromise your safety for a good deal- that what we believe here at  Loxmy Classifieds.