Dubai desert Safari
Dubai desert Safari
Dubai desert Safari
Dubai desert Safari
  • August 19, 2023 11:09 AM
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Quad Bike Ride in the Morning Desert Safari


Running quad bike activities as part of a morning desert safari can add excitement and adventure to the experience for your customers.


Here’s a guide on incorporating quad biking into your morning desert safari:

Safety First:


Before anything else, prioritize safety. Conduct a safety briefing to inform participants about the rules, handling techniques, and potential risks associated with quad biking.


Qualified Staff:


Hire experienced and trained instructors who can guide participants on how to operate quad bikes safely. Instructors should also be knowledgeable about the local terrain and conditions.


Quad Bike Fleet:


Invest in a fleet of well-maintained quad bikes suitable for different skill levels. Consider offering different sizes and power options. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the quad bikes are in optimal condition.


Booking and Registration:


Include quad biking as an optional activity when customers book their morning Dubai desert safari. Gather necessary information from participants during the booking process, such as their experience level and health conditions.


Timing and Itinerary:


Plan the quad biking session during the morning desert safari itinerary. Ensure that participants have enough time to enjoy quad biking without rushing through the experience.


Instruction Session:


Start the quad biking session with a comprehensive instruction session for all participants. Cover the basics of operating the quad bikes, proper posture, braking techniques, and safety guidelines.


Guided Experience:


Offer guided quad biking experiences where participants follow an experienced instructor along designated routes.


Instructors can lead the way,ensuring participants stay on safe paths and avoid sensitive environmental areas.


Terrain Variety:


Plan routes that offer a mix of terrains, including dunes, open desert areas, and accessible trails. This variety adds to the excitement and gives participants a well-rounded experience.


Photography Opportunities:


Identify picturesque spots along the quad biking routes where participants can stop for photos. Capture memorable moments against the backdrop of the desert landscape.


Group Size and Supervision:


Limit the size of each group to ensure that instructors can provide proper supervision and assistance. Larger groups may require additional instructors.


Environmental Awareness:


Emphasize the importance of preserving the desert environment. Instruct participants to stick to designated paths and avoid disturbing wildlife or fragile plants. Provide participants with emergency contact information.


Feedback Collection:


After the quad biking experience, collect feedback from participants to improve the activity continuously. Adding quad biking to your morning desert safari can enhance the overall adventure and give customers a unique and thrilling experience.


By prioritizing safety, providing proper instruction, and offering a well-organized and guided experience, you can create memorable moments for your participants.



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